Chevron 1920


Serenity and wisdom,

Hand rolled edges on 2 sides,

Size 220cm x 70cm,

Two thread weaving, 100% silk,

100% Made in France

Designed to enhance your style

A confidential brand for true connoisseurs

A scarf as an iconic accessory

A precious selection of the finest materials,

100% French expertise

Made in the most prestigious workshops of Lyon

UNIO Paris, founded in 2016 by Leila Altamirova

The idea of UNIO was born during Leila’s visit to the archives of Lyon where the centuries-old secrets of the city’s silks are held. There she learned about the beautiful and exclusive weaving techniques practiced by some of the oldest manufacturers in France. The Master Weavers guided her through centuries of traditional know-how, and this has inspired her to share this heritage with a new clientele.

Leila Altamirova Unio Founder

UNIO scarves are designed in Paris. The production house Leila has selected is one of the most prestigious in France and was founded in 1929 in Lyon, which was the final destination along the Silk Road. There is a nice synchronicity with this and the decade chosen as inspiration for the design of her scarves - the roaring 20s!

A special thread has been selected for weaving UNIO scarves.

This limited edition has two luxury offers: one is made of 100% silk and the second is a mix of 65% silk and 35% wool.

Both are hand rolled in France and the exclusive size of 70cm x 220cm exudes generosity and luxury.
The scarves are dyed using a traditional Japanese method, adding additional value to this unique creation.

    UNIO represents a distillation of research and development that the designer now wishes to offer to gentlemen seeking something rare, precious and genuine.

    The scarf

    The scarf itself is one of the oldest fashion creations on this planet. It has had several transformations through the centuries and has had a cultural, spiritual or military evolution with various meanings in different countries and religions. For example, the scarf is a sacred ritual element in Buddhist temples, it was a military decoration for solders at the time of Napoleon, and in the 1920s it was exclusively reserved for the aristocracy.

    “Make the beauty of the past the best memory of the present."

    The philosophy

    UNIO Paris scarves are for the gentleman who seeks a unique luxury accessory that reflects his personality: strength and confidence with a softer core and charming sensitivity.
    Unio Paris Logo
    This is reflected in the UNIO Paris logo with its eternal diamond and interior butterfly wings, and a discreet Eiffel Tower motif, the iconic symbol of Paris, the city of love.

    The choice of the blue colour

    In ancient times people had a very negative perception of blue as a colour because it was associated with poison. With time it became as valued as gold and was embraced by the King of France, when it became his favourite and symbolic colour. Later on, the Church used blue extensively for glass and wood decoration.

    Today blue is one of the most appreciated colours by all ages, genders and cultures. The technique of making it was brought from India several centuries ago, and today is still made in France from the plant isatis tinctoria which originated in central Asia. The pigment is made following traditional procedures which take several weeks.

    Founder story

    Leila Altamirova has a very broad international cultural experience and speaks several languages. Her roots are in the Caucasus and she grew up in Central Asia in Kazakhstan, where the street she lived on translates as ‘The Great Silk Road’. She also lived in India and the UK. After tracing the steps of the fabled Silk Route she decided to halt her journey in the place where the Route ended: France.

    Leila arrived in France at the age of 21. Her love of fashion dates back to her childhood when she learned a lot from her grandmother, who was a seamstress.

    She studied law and international trade and has always had a great passion for rare, vintage and historically precious things. Elegance, honour, truth and beauty were always her key words to achieve her goals.

    Leila later discovered that her great grandfather used to live in Switzerland and had a chain of fabric and leather accessory stores.Great Grandfather

    This discovery helped her understand where her passion comes from. Determination and a particular sensitivity for the touch of the fabric, the texture and colours have led her to creating her own brand.

    People who share our values


    Hollywood actress, 2019


    MISS FRANCE 2014

    RIGAN MACHADO with Halle Berry

    Martial arts champion


    Actor & Director, 2018

    Jean Louis Tribes

    Actor & Director, 2018



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